RETERIS logistics

is a company with its
own fleet of vehicles.
According to our fleet formation and renewal policy, all lorries:
  • comply with EURO V and EURO VI environmental standards
  • are equipped with an online tracking system and additional options for safe and comfortable driving and driver relaxation
Transport maintenance is carried out:
  • only at certified service stations of the same brands
  • strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations

By developing and modernizing our fleet, we strive to completely eliminate disruptions and / or delays in the delivery of goods due to vehicle breakdowns during transportation.

RETERIS logistics offers tailor-made solutions for international transport requiring temperature control (standard and bi-thermo).

Our fleet includes isothermal semi-trailers, which are equipped with new generation refrigeration units. Temperature range is -25°C to +25°C with a double-deck loading system and load capacity up to 22 tons.

The RETERIS logistics’ fleet is equipped with curtain-sided semi-trailers with a cargo space of 13.62 x 2.48 x 2.7 m, with a volume of 90-120 cubic meters and a load capacity of up to 24 tons with a sliding roof, that opens up the possibility of loading from three sides and from above.

All trailers are suitable for loading with a forklift.

Our company is responsible for environmental issues, taking measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

We are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in our logistics activities.

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