RETERIS logistics

is a company with a long history!

OUR MISSION – is to contribute to the development of the business of our customers, providing reliable and fast delivery of goods.

Realizing the importance of cargo delivery for your business and our role in this process, we are guided by our slogan:

To new horizons! Together

RETERIS logistics

Our company started its activity in the field of transport logistics in 2006 with a focus on passenger transportation. We have passed with dignity the difficult periods accompanied by crises and frequent changes in legislation, which presented serious challenges for our development.

In 2009, we expanded our scope of activities to include the sale of auto parts. This step allowed us to gain valuable experience and knowledge, which we successfully apply now.

In 2016, we expanded our passenger operations, with a new, progressive approach: we revised our structure,implemented marketing strategies and innovative approaches based on our experience in the field of trade.

Since 2019, the courier service has become an additional area of ​​activity for us, which prompted us to expand the geography of logistics and enter the international level.

Over the years of work, we have formed a strong team that is able to solve the most complex tasks. In a short time, we became market leaders and in 2022 we decided to open an international freight forwarding company under the new brand “RETERIS logistics”.

By providing you with high-quality cargo transportation services, we strive to make your business more profitable, to help you in rapid development and opening up new horizons.

Our values

Our company always values ​​its reputation, adhering to its values ​​and not changing them.

We are convinced that these values ​​are the basis for the success of any business.


When interacting with clients, partners and employees, we strive for honesty, transparency and constructive dialogue in order to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationships


We are constantly striving for innovations and optimization of progress in the field of transport and logistics services. We explore new technologies, develop new approaches and implement them in modern and efficient solutions


We actively care about the environment and make efforts to reduce the negative impact on it. We use EURO V and EURO VI transport, plan efficient routes and optimize our operations in an environmentally friendly aspects


We are proud of our employees and strive for high quality. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge and skills to provide our customers with a high level of service and meet their needs


We value honesty and responsibility in all our actions, adhere to high standards of business ethics and fulfill our obligations to clients and partners. We never rest on our laurels and continuously improve the quality of our services


We understand that this is one of the key factors in the field of transport and logistics services. We try to be flexible and responsive, respond quickly to requests and ensure timely delivery of goods to meet the needs of our customers

Juliana Tuwima st., No. 1/1, ap. 26, Bialystok, ZIP code 15-746, Poland
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